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October 1966 - September 1967, CBS


Theme Song: The Mighty Heroes



he Mighty Heroes were a team of five superheroes who protected the city of Newhaven from the evil deeds of power-hungry and greedy supervillains. The greatest danger to The Mighty Heroes was not, however, their super-powered foes, but their super-powered teammates. The heroes spent the better part of each episode getting in each other's way, helping the villain elude capture through their own inept actions and knocking each other out. Only in the last minute or two did they come together as a team and get the job done.


The leader of the team was Diaper Man, who was either an infant with the voice of a 50 year-old chain smoker, or a man disguised as an infant. Diaper Man dressed in a diaper and cape and was armed with a baby bottle, which he used as an improvisational tool for all types of purposes. At times he also suckled the contents of the bottle to gain a bit of extra strength. The episodes didn't dedicate any time to the civilian lives of the heroes, but the scene with the cartoon's theme song (which was shown approximately 1-minute into every story) gave some indication of their professions by showing the heroes changing from their everyday occupations into their crime fighting alter egos. In his civilian identity Diaper Man laid in a crib and sucked his thumb.



Strong Man was representative of the most mainstream type of hero, having super-strength and the ability to fly. Occasionally he drank from Diaper Man's bottle, which worked to give him additional strength as well. By trade, Strong Man was a mechanic.


Rope Man was knot your typical superhero *groan,* his body was made entirely of rope and was capable of everything rope is capable of, including getting bunched into an incredibly tangled mess. When not fighting crime, Rope Man was a sailor in the navy.


In keeping with the theme of having a moniker based on the literal interpretation of the hero's ability, Tornado Man could create a vortex around himself in the form of a tiny tornado. He could fly, he could vacuum things up and propel them out… he could bungle the job as well as the rest of the heroes. For his profession, Tornado Man was a meteorologist.


Cuckoo Man appeared to run a bird store, from where he changed into his costume by passing through a cuckoo clock hanging on the wall. He could flap his arms and fly but otherwise had no discernable powers.


The Mighty Heroes originally shared a Saturday morning time slot with Mighty Mouse as part of the half-hour program, Mighty Mouse and The Mighty Heroes. Some weeks two Mighty Mouse and one Mighty Heroes segments were shown (each of which was 7-minutes in length), and other weeks one Mighty Mouse and two Mighty Heroes segments were shown. For all their good deeds, The Mighty Heroes never achieved the same level of notoriety or post series success as their super-powered rodent costar. They're only other original appearance was in an episode of the 1987 series, Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures.




Diaper Man


Herschel Bernardi

Strong Man


Herschel Bernardi

Tornado Man


Herschel Bernardi

Cuckoo Man


Lionel Wilson

Rope Man


Lionel Wilson





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