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crazylegs crane crazylegs crane

Prod. and Airdates:


September 1978 - September 1979, ABC

DePatie-Freleng Enterprises

Theme Song: Crazylegs Crane



razylegs Crane was a lame-brained bird whose dimwitted nature was the cause of most of his self-inflicted troubles. His lack of common sense was not lost on his son, Crazylegs Jr., who was mortified and deeply ashamed of his father's inept blundering. The two lived in a swamp, where Crazylegs spent a good deal of his time attempting to make a meal of a fire-breathing dragonfly, appropriately named Dragonfly. Dragonfly communicated mainly by singing and rhyming. He never had much trouble escaping Crazylegs, although in some of the cartoons the two adversaries acted as friends.


Crazylegs began as a recurring character in a number of theatrical shorts before gaining his own show. His first appearance came in the 1969 Tijuana Toads short entitled Go For Croak. He made a guest appearance in five additional Tijuana Toads shorts, as well as three Blue Racer and one The Dogfather theatrical shorts. Crazylegs finally got his own series in 1978, which was shown on television as a segment on The All-New Pink Panther Show. A total of sixteen Crazylegs Crane episodes were made.




Crazylegs Crane

Larry D. Mann

Crane Jr.

Frank Welker


Frank Welker





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Crazylegs Crane
crazylegs crane and crazylegs jr.
crazylegs crane
crazylegs crane
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crazylegs junior
crazylegs crane
crazylegs crane





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