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Cool McCool

Secret agent Cool McCool was assigned the task of apprehending some of the world's most eccentric villains. He was under the directive of a cigar smoking boss called Number 1, who was only ever seen by viewers as an arm extending from the back or side of the chair that hid his face. Like all good secret agents, McCool was outfitted with numerous handy gadgets that served more than one purpose: he had a gun that doubled as a phone, a watch that doubled as a phone, a mustache that doubled as a phone... In emergencies McCool actually pulled out gadgets that didn't function as a phone, but they always backfired due to his faulty implementation. Perhaps the most reliable tool of his trade was the Coolmobile, a multipurpose vehicle that could transform into different modes of transportation. Other members of the agency to make an occasional appearance included Riggs — the developer of McCool's gadgets, Breezy — McCool's sometimes sidekick, and Friday — Number 1's dumpy secretary.

So why the name "Cool"? Cool fit McCool's name because he didn't panic. When things looked grim he remained cool under pressure, never minding that whatever action he took was largely ineffective. But results matter more than technique, and putting aside that his cases were resolved more from luck than skill, McCool captured every criminal he tracked down. Of course, those very same villains — Hurricane Harry and Bellows Belle, the Owl and the Pussycat, the Rattler, Jack-in-the-Box, Dr. Madcap and Greta Ghoul — returned again and again in subsequent episodes to further their nefarious plots.

Each half-hour episode consisted of three short segments. The first and last segments featured Cool McCool, while the middle segment followed the adventures of McCool's father, Harry McCool, and his two brothers, Dick and Tom, as three inept police officers patterned after the Keystone Kops.

(the middle segments are "Harry McCool")

  • The Big Blowout / The Phantom of the Opera House / Fine Feathered Fiends
  • If the Hat Fits... Watch It / Horsehide and Go Seek / The House that Jack Built
  • The Odd Boxes Caper / The Vaishing Shoehorns / Garden of Evil
  • Rocket Racket / Here's Pie in Your Eye / Queen's Ransom
  • The Big Brainwash / The Woodchopper / Shrinking the Slinker
  • The Box Fox / Gym Dandy / Bagging the Windbag
  • Will the Real Coolmobile Please Stand Up / Big Top Cops / Owl on the Prowl
  • Sniffin, Snoozen, and Sneezen / The New Car / How Now Foul Owl
  • Caps and Robbers / Three Men on a House / The Romantic Rattler
  • Jack in the Boxer / Fowl Play / Love is a Gas
  • Who Stole my 32 Secret Agents? / The Jet Set, Yet / The 500 Pound Canary Caper
  • Fun and Games / McCool Jazz / Mother Greta's Wrinkle Remover
  • The Shombrero Affair / Dog Tired / The Moon Goon
  • Two Fats and a Fink / High Jokers / Rockabye for Rattler
  • High Jacker Jack / Time Out / The Wind Goddess
  • Hot McHot / Monkey Dizziness / A Growing Problem
  • Oh Say Can You Seed / Green Dragon / What Goes Up... Must Come Down
  • Birds of a Feather Flop Together / A Lot of Ballooney / The Box Popper
  • Owl's Well That Ends Well / Goat Chaser / A Tree is a... Tree?
  • The Whistler's Mommy Case / In the Dough / The College of Crooks