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April 2001 - August 2001, MTV

Decode Entertainment, MTV Animation

Theme Song: Undergrads



ndergrads explored college life through the perspective of four long time friends in their first year of higher education, each of whose personality represented an extreme example of a particular character type. Although they attended different schools, the four (Nitz, Cal, Rocko and Gimpy) remained close and interacted on a regular basis.


The lead character was Parker "Nitz" Walsh, who attended State U. Nitz was a forgettable everyday-man who was lacking in uniqueness and spontaneity. He was easily overlooked and just another face in the crowd. His reason for going to college probably stemmed from a desire to pursue his high school crush, Kimmy Burton. Kimmy was one grade ahead of Nitz and already attended State U. She was a pure hearted and well meaning activist who was involved heavily with various social groups and organizations. Kimmy was on friendly terms with Nitz but otherwise oblivious to his feelings towards her, as she herself was interested in Mark, a drama student who happened to be gay.



Cal Evans also attended State U and roomed with Nitz at the Chilton Hall dormitory. Cal was blessed with exceptional looks, but cursed with the stereotypical shallow and ditzy personality that goes with it. Women threw themselves at Cal and he was never at a loss for someone new to sleep with. His morals towards relationships can't really be questioned due to the fact that he was too ignorant and flighty to realize such things existed.


Rocko Gambiani was an obnoxious blowhard who went to Central State Junior Community College. He joined the fraternity Alpha Alpha, and his sole purpose for attending college was to party, get drunk and get laid. True to himself, he was thoughtless, rude, stupid, sexist and drunk a good deal of the time. His manner was off-putting to women (which frequently got him maced, kicked or slapped) and alienated him to the point that he was even ostracized by his own fraternity. His close group of former high school friends, however, remained loyal to him - although Rocko hated Cal (ostensibly because Cal was stupid, but possibly because Rocko had latent homosexual feelings for Cal [as alluded to in the episode "Traditions"] which would have threatened Rocko's manhood).


Justin "Gimpy" Taylor was a Star Wars fanatic who attended Tekerson Tech. He was a self-imposed shut-in who surrounded himself with a network of computers and mainly communicated with his friends via video conference. He rarely left his dorm room, but managed to set himself up as the leader of a group of nerd minions, who were also students at his school. He was known as G-Prime, and because many of the group's activities broke dormitory regulations, Gimpy was always in danger of being thrown out by the R.A., Rita, who could never quite gather sufficient evidence to have him evicted. Gimpy's main lackey was Mump, a short, fat student who envied the close friendship between Gimpy and Nitz.


Additional supporting cast members included Jessie, a girl who started hanging out with Nitz but couldn't get him to notice her romantically because he remained obsessed with Kimmy. Nitz and Cal's R.A. was Doug, who referred to himself as "The Duggler." The Duggler talked, dressed and acted like he was living in the '60s. Rob Brody was a film student who talked constantly of movies and referenced everything as if it related to a movie. Dave was a stoner, with the typical slow speech and blank mannerisms associated with the part. Kruger was a chain smoker who regarded everything with a pessimistic attitude and who swore after every couple of words while speaking.


The end of the first season coincided with the end of the college year. A few cliffhangers were introduced as an obvious lead-in to a second season, but the show wasn't picked up for a second season, so the future of the friends was left up in the air.




Parker "Nitz" Walsh

Pete Williams

Cal Evans

Pete Williams

Rocko Gambiani

Pete Williams

Justin "Gimpy" Taylor

Pete Williams

Kimmy Burton

Susan Dalton


Jene Yeo


Robert Tinkler


Jenny Kim

Rob Brody

Josh A. Cagan


Yannick Bisson


Richie Favalaro


D. Garnet Harding


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Dave the stoner
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