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the Super-Coop

Prod. and Airdates:


September 1967 - September 1970, ABC

Jay Ward Productions

Theme Song: Super Chicken



uper Chicken was one of three segments in a half-hour show that included feature segment George of the Jungle and other backup segment Tom Slick. Each of the segments was 6-7 minutes in length.


Millionaire playboy fowl Henry Cabot Henhouse III fought crime in the guise of his masked alter ego, Super Chicken. He drank a special concoction he called Super Sauce to gain his super powers, although what specific abilities he gained was difficult to discern as his "abilities" weren't readily apparent.


Henry was assisted by his faithful companion Fred, a none-too-bright lion of loyal service, who wore a sweater with a backward letter "F" monogrammed to it. When something dangerous happened or if Fred expressed some concern Super Chicken was sure to remind him, "You knew the job was dangerous when you took it, Fred!"


When the services of Super Chicken were needed, Henry slipped into his super suit while Fred went off screen to prepare the Super Sauce (somehow a mixing bowl and the ingredients were always handy, regardless of their location). Fred returned after a few moments and presented the mixture to Henry, usually in a martini glass. Henry would drink the super sauce, make some comment on the quality or oddity of its flavor, and then get hit with a strong physical reaction that coincided with his transformation.


The duo traveled in an egg shaped jet aircraft called the Super-Coop. From his jet powered perch, Super Chicken occasionally let loose with his "cry in the sky," a clucking battle challenge that put evildoers everywhere on notice that went, "Buck, ba-buck, ba-buck, ba-buck, ba-buck, bu-buuu, ba-buck, ba-buck, ba-buck, etc." In addition to his "super powers," Super Chicken occasionally had available some oddball gizmo (such as an oyster magnet, tear gas fountain gun pen, or a total destruct button) that just happened to be ideally suited to help overcome the problem at hand. Unfortunately for Super Chicken, the devices always backfired or had an adverse effect.


Super Chicken may not have been the most refined superhero in the history of the genre, but through the use of skill, luck and the fortuitous intervention of the police he was always able to get the job done, and in the final analysis that's what matters.




Super Chicken

Bill Scott


Paul Frees


Paul Frees


Daws Butler


June Foray





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