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September 1986 - December 1986, syndicated

Rankin/Bass Productions

Theme Song: SilverHawks



n the year 2839, the notorious criminal Mon*Star escaped from Penal Planet 10 located in the Limbo Galaxy, one hundred light years from Earth. With him he freed a mob of the most ruthless criminals in the galaxy to assist him in his quest for galactic domination. He set up a nearly indestructible fortress at the bottom of a crater on the Brimstar planet for his base of operations.


Upon learning of Mon*Star's escape, the law enforcement officer who put him away, a cybernetically enhanced human originally from Earth named Stargazer, transmitted back to Earth in a plea for help. Responding to the call, a group of volunteers was assembled on Earth and cybernetically enhanced with partially metal bodies that would allow them to withstand the journey to the Limbo Galaxy, as well as provide them with an array of weapons and other enhancements - such as lasers and jet propulsion systems - that would afford them the punch they needed to battle the bad guys once they got there (apparently, no suitable candidates were available in the Limbo system).



The assembled Earth team was given the name SilverHawks. Their leader was Quicksilver, formerly known as Jonathan Quick, head of Federal Interplanetary Force H. Tough as nails twins Emily and Will Hart, given the names Steelheart and Steelwill, were technicians and designers who could telepathically communicate with one another. Guitar picking, ace pilot Bluegrass was chosen to fly the team's cutting edge spaceship, the Mirage. He was the only member not to be enhanced with self-propulsion systems that would enable him to navigate through space without the assistance of a ship, but he did have a funky futuristic guitar on which he played sonic notes that could physically wallop his foes. The final member of the team was a mathematical genius from the planet of the Mimes called the Copper Kidd. He spoke in a highly synthesized voice that made him difficult to understand.


In the Limbo galaxy, Stargazer directed the SilverHawks from the team's orbiting headquarters, Hawk Haven (a giant structure in the shape of a hawk, built on an asteroid). He added to the team's number by giving Quicksilver an enhanced, partially metal bird called Tallyhawk, that was used mainly for reconnaissance and surveillance, and commanded by a control panel that Quicksilver wore on his forearm. Later members to join the SilverHawks were Hotwing, who preferred the mystic power of magic over muscle, Flashback traveled back in time in order to save the SilverHawks, and Moonstryker was an expert marksman. Another character whose occupation led to his frequent, albeit unintentional, involvement in the SilverHawks' affairs was an alien space cabbie named Seymour. He was on good terms with the SilverHawks, but being a working stiff he had to take what fares he could get.


Dealing with Mon*Star was no easy task, made worse by the rays of the Moonstar, which could transform Mon*Star's shape and increase his power. The process also transformed a giant squid-like creature called Sky-Runner into a suitable battle vehicle and mode of transportation for the tyrant. Never far from the action were Mon*Star's group of miscreant misfits, a criminal gang that included the likes of Mo-Lec-U-Lar, a master of disguise who could assume any form. Melodia was the mistress of evil notes; her musical power had shattering consequences. Sentient robot Buzz-Saw came equipped with spinning circular saw blades that he could also project at a distance. Mumbo-Jumbo was the minotaur-esque strong man of the mob. Hardware (who looked like a prototypical Rankin/Bass rendered goblin) was Mon*Star's weapons man. Windhammer used a giant tuning fork to create cosmic storms. The appropriately named Yessman was a sniveling sycophant who agreed to anything Mon*Star said and generally kissed his master's backside. The ruthless robot Pokerface was in charge of all Mon*Star's gambling operations, and the juvenile delinquent Timestopper could make time stand still for periods of one minute.


Each episode ended with a short segment in which Bluegrass quizzed the Copper Kidd with questions about the Solar System. Perhaps the segment was meant to offset the liberties taken by the production staff in ignoring the inhospitable (and therefore creatively stifling) properties of space in the series. Much of the action took place in the depths of space, and characters had no trouble living or speaking outside of the protective shelter of their space vehicles, many of which weren't even enclosed. It's possible that space in the Limbo Galaxy had some type of atmosphere, because a good many outposts were set on exposed asteroids as well. Regardless, the end segment provided some real knowledge that had a good chance of being remembered because it was delivered as part of an entertaining format.




Commander Stargazer

Bob McFadden


Earl Hammond


Larry Kenney


Peter Newman


Maggie Wheeler


Bob McFadden


Adolph Caesar


Maggie Wheeler


Doug Preis


Peter Newman


Larry Kenney


Adolph Caesar


Peter Newman


Bob McFadden


Bob McFadden


Doug Preis


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