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Prod. and Airdates:


September 1974 - March 1975, CBS

Hanna-Barbera Productions

Theme Song: Partridge Family 2200 A.D.



he recipe was simple: take one part Jetsons, add one part Partridge Family, blend for sixteen episodes, and get The Partridge Family 2200 A.D. The original idea presented by Hanna-Barbera was to produce an updated version of The Jetsons, but CBS wanted to cash in on the popularity of The Partridge Family. Hanna-Barbera compromised and The Partridge Family 2200 A.D. was born. To the executives at CBS, the combination of two tremendously popular shows must have looked like a slam dunk. Alas, the series never caught on like either of its parent shows and was cancelled midseason, but for those who just couldn't get enough of Keith Partridge and his musical siblings, they now had the bonus of a cartoon alternate.


All of the Partridge Family mainstays were present in the animated show. The entire family, led by single mom Shirley Partridge, still performed as a musical group, albeit this time touring the galaxy in a spaceship patterned after the family's original psychedelic painted school bus. As ever, providing lead guitar and vocals was Keith, who was the oldest of the children and continued his heartthrob ways. Slightly younger sister and resident hottie Laurie was still the most responsible and mature of the children. As ever, middle child Danny was a schemer and smooth operator of the type who would probably be looking at tax evasion charges as an adult. The two youngest children, Chris and Tracy were the only characters whose personality differed from their live-action personas - in that, they actually had personalities and were given larger roles in their animated form. Being the baby of the family, Tracy was always trying to outdo Chris, to his unending vexation. Reuben Kincaid remained the group's manager and family friend.



Not surprisingly, The Jetsons' influence on this series was unmistakable. The Partridge Family future had all of the elements anyone familiar with The Jetsons series would recognize. Buildings atop massive pillars that reached into the sky was the architectural design of choice. This, of course, necessitated the future, standard mode of transportation, the flying car. The inconvenience of walking was to a large degree negated by the prevalence of moving walkways that were commonplace even in people's homes. Giant anti-gravity shafts made travel between the floors of a building much quicker than the primitive stairs and elevators our present day society depends on. Videophones, automated food processors, robot maids (or in this case a robotic family dog named Orbit) it was all there.


Two alien teens named Marion and Veenie were added as Partridge family friends and regular members of the show. Marion was a blue and olive skinned Martian and close friends with Laurie, while Veenie, who was Venusian and best friends with Keith, had pointy ears, blue skin and a lavender afro.


The series lasted for 16 original episodes. It was renamed The Partridge Family In Outer Space when episodes were shown as reruns on the syndicated Fred Flintstone and Friends show in 1977.




Shirley Partridge

Joan Gerber

Keith Partridge

Chuck McClenan

Laurie Partridge

Sherry Alberoni, Susan Dey (2 episodes)

Danny Partridge

Danny Bonaduce

Tracy Partridge

Suzanne Crough

Chris Partridge

Brian Forster

Reuben Kincaid

John Stephenson


Frank Welker


Frank Welker

Marion Moonglow

Julie McWhirter Dees


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