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Prod. and Airdates:


September 1967 - December 1968, NBC

Hanna-Barbera Productions

Theme Song: Galaxy Trio (segment intro)



alaxy Trio was the middle segment in the Saturday morning cartoon Birdman and the Galaxy Trio. One 6-7 minute Galaxy Trio segment played between two Birdman segments during each half-hour show.


Patrolling the galaxy in their spacecraft Condor One, the Galaxy Trio kept the peace as part of an intergalactic police force. Each member of the Galaxy Trio was from a different planet, with the result that each had unique powers. Vapor Man could transform all or part of himself into a gaseous form, as well as project various types of vapor streams at his opponents. Gravity Girl had the power to control gravity in a localized area by firing gravity rays from her hands, allowing her to lift or otherwise manipulate the movement of objects, including herself, through space. Meteor Man could independently enlarge different parts of his body (usually his arms and hands) to gain super strength in the enlarged limb. All three could also survive in the vacuum of space without assistance.


Condor One had weapons and shields, but the Galaxy Trio mostly relied on their own powers to overcome their opponents. Of some convenience though was a transporter device that allowed the crew to teleport (they called it displacing) to and from the ship. The only other piece of equipment aboard the ship of some consequence (as far as serving a known function) was their video console, from which they received mission assignments from Intergalactic Headquarters.




Gravity Girl

Virginia Eiler

Meteor Man

Ted Cassidy

Vapor Man

Don Messick





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