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Prod. and Airdates:


September 1967 - September 1968, CBS

Filmation Associates

Theme Song: The Flash



his series was one of several DC Comics based superhero cartoons that formed part of the 60-minute compilation program, The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure. Only three, seven-minute episodes of The Flash were produced.


As his name would imply, The Flash was the world's fastest human. When evil threatened, Central City police scientist Barry Allen, otherwise known as The Flash, and his teen sidekick Wally West (a.k.a. Kid Flash), triggered secret switches on their Flash rings to release their crimson costumes. Once disguised, the two used their incredible speed to perform amazing feats, like scaling the sides of sheer cliffs, broad jumping hundreds of yards, skimming the surface of lakes and vibrating through solid walls.


The Flash could also be seen in the concurrent Justice League of America series, and later as a member of the Super Friends.




The Flash

Cliff Owens

Kid Flash

Tommy Cook


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