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September 1993 - May 1994, syndicated

Universal Cartoon Studios, MCA Television

Theme Song: Exo-Squad

Exo-Squad (alternate opening)



n the first quarter of the 22nd century, mankind had begun expanding its domain by terraforming the planets of Venus and Mars. To facilitate this endeavor a race of worker slaves, called Neosapiens, were genetically engineered to be able to survive the still harsh environments of the new worlds. Neosapiens were intelligent, strong, needed no sleep and very little nourishment. The biggest weakness of the Neosapiens was that their behavior was encoded in the structure of their brains, which limited their adaptability. That didn't prevent them from rising up in rebellion 50 years prior to the beginning of the series' storyline. The rebellion was crushed, but while it did bring about some positive changes for the Neosapiens, it also engendered fear, mistrust and even hatred for Neosapiens in their Terran (human) masters.



The biggest threat to humanity at the beginning of the series were the attacks on space shipping by the Pirate Clans of Saturn, made up of former inmates of penal colonies exiled to the outer planets. To combat this menace the Homeworlds Congress organized a new military force that used "exo-technology" to create powerfully armed and armored mechanical suits called E-frames.


Not content with the status of Neosapiens as a second class race, Phaeton, the Neosapien Governor of Mars, began a new insurrection against Terrans while the Exofleet was in pursuit of the Pirate Clans. This allowed Neosapien forces to conquer the Homeworlds with relative ease, as a first phase to the subjugation and eventual elimination of all Terrans.


For the remaining two seasons of the series, stories focused on the exploits of Able Squad, an elite E-frame unit, and their efforts to free humanity from the tyranny of Phaeton's rule. Often at the heart of the action, the wide-ranging personalities of Able Squad had to overcome external, as well as internal, obstacles in their fight for equality and peace.




Admiral Winfield

Wally Marsh

Alec DeLeon

John Payne


David Kaye


David Kaye

J.T. Marsh

Robby Benson

Kaz Takagi

Michael Benyaer

Maggie Weston

Teryl Rothery


Gary Chalk

Nara Burns

Lisa Ann Beley

Peter Tanaka

Rob Morton


Richard Newman


Michael Benyaer

Rita Torres

Janyce Jaud

Sean Napier

John Payne


Gary Chalk


Rob Morton

Vince Pellegrino

David Kaye

Wolf Bronski

Michael Donovan


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Fall of the Human Empire, Part 2: Seeds of Deception

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Into the Heart of Darkness, Part 1: Abandoned

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The Gathering

The Embassy

Pirate's Ransom

Ultimate Weapon



The Last Man

Dragon's Rock

Inner Dark

The Dogs of War

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The Dream War

No Surrender

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The Lost Patrol

Call of the Unknown

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The Night of the Traitor

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The Fall of the Neosapien Empire, Part 1: One Small Step

The Fall of the Neosapien Empire, Part 2: Fifth Column

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Beyond Chaos








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