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September 1980 - September 1982, CBS

Hanna-Barbera Productions

Theme Song: Drak Pack



hree teenagers who were the descendents of some of the world's most notorious monsters - namely Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster and the Wolf Man - dedicated themselves to reversing the evil image of their forefathers by forming a do-gooder group called the Drak Pack and fighting on the side of mankind. Drak Jr., Frankie and Howler were unaffected by the things that had power over their predecessors (such as a full moon, daylight, garlic, etc.), and remained human unless they chose to take the forms of their monster lineage, which they could only do by performing the Drak Whack; which involved a three-way high-five while yelling, "Whacko!" Drak, who led the group, could shape shift from a vampire into the form of a bat or a patch of fog, as well as being able to levitate. Frankie, in addition to being a bit *slow* in the head, inherited the size and strength of his family line. In place of the savage characteristics usually associated with werewolves, Howler had the ability to create gale force winds with his breath (akin to the Big Bad Wolf huffing and puffing in the story of the Three Little Pigs).



The teens' base of operations was an isolated, creepy old mansion. By depressing a button hidden behind a painting, the inside walls of the mansion rotated to reveal high tech (for the time) video conferencing equipment that was used to contact Drak's great uncle Dracula, whom the gang referred to as Big D (which irritated Big D er, Dracula). The easily displeased and comically critical Big D nonetheless always provided reliable information regarding the latest criminal activities of the Drak Pack's arch nemesis Dr. Dred, leader of a gang of diabolical evildoers collectively known as O.G.R.E. (short for the Organization of Generally Rotten Enterprises). To reach their foes, the Drak Pack traveled about in a multi-purpose vehicle called the "Drakster" that, with the turn of a dial, was fit for land, air or sea travel.


A small, artificial island made to look like an inactive volcano served as the headquarters for O.G.R.E. The inside of the volcano housed the complex where Dr. Dred came up with all of the unusual, high tech inventions he used to help perpetrate his crimes (such as a shrink ray, time stopper, color collector that turned everything black & white, etc.). To carry out his crimes he and his henchmen traveled in a dirigible they called the "Dredgible." The other members of his organization included Vampira, a female vampire that mainly shape shifted into a snake or spider, but could assume the form of almost any animal; Mummy Man was not only big and strong, but he could use his bandages like rope for all types of purposes; the part man/part insect Fly could fly around and cling to walls; and Toad resembled a cross between a human and a toad, but his name could just as easily have been in reference to his role as Dr. Dred's groveling toady, as he took the brunt of Dr. Dred's abuse and was his primary yes-man.


The Drak Pack always managed to foil the plans of their renegade rivals, but that didn't prevent O.G.R.E. from returning each and every episode to wreak its unlawful havoc, further reinforcing the negative stereotype of monsters everywhere.



Drak Jr.

Jerry Dexter


Bill Callaway


Bill Callaway


Alan Oppenheimer

Dr. Dred

Hans Conried


Julie McWhirter

Mummy Man

Chuck McCann


Don Messick


Don Messick


Marian Zajac


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