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November 1999 - November 2002, Cartoon Network

Stretch Films, Wang Film Productions

Theme Song: Courage the Cowardly Dog



o call Courage a coward was a bum rap. Let's face it, Courage had reason to be scared! Living with an elderly couple, Eustace and Muriel Bagge, on an isolated farm in the middle of Nowhere, Courage regularly found himself defending his owners from paranormal elements that threatened their simple existence. The farm provided the perfect backdrop for the type of tales the cartoon seemed to be modeled after - namely the B-movie horror flicks popular in the 1950s - but with a lot more laughs.


In each episode it was Courage who recognized whatever new danger was looming, while much of the time his human owners remained unaware of their precarious circumstances. Loyal to the last, Courage spent most of each episode not only trying to make his human companions aware of their danger, but desperately attempting to keep them from harm, and all the while in a near panic!


While Courage was loyal to both of his masters, it was Muriel whom he adored. Muriel was kindly, with a boundless supply of good will and optimism, which she affectionately bestowed on her four-legged companion. Her husband Eustace on the other hand, was a self-centered, cranky old sour-puss with a temper, who considered Courage nothing more than a "Stupid dog!" which he reminded the canine on a regular basis.


Courage may forever be underappreciated, stuck as he is with the epithet "coward," but overcoming four seasons worth of supernatural adversaries had to have won him some respect from the viewing public.





Marty Grabstein

Eustace Bagge

Lionel Wilson, Arthur Anderson

Muriel Bagge

Thea White





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