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The Brown Hornet

Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids was a longstanding Saturday morning cartoon that featured a group of urban adolescents growing up in a Philadelphia neighborhood. It had various "show-within-a-show" elements throughout its production run, and one of those elements was a segment called The Brown Hornet, which first appeared in 1979 when the series itself was re-titled The New Fat Albert Show.

The Brown Hornet was a favorite TV program of Fat Albert and the gang, and the kids raced to the television in their junkyard clubhouse whenever the latest installment aired. The self-titled show was about a confident and daring, space-age African-American superhero who patrolled intergalactic space with his trusty assistant Stinger and robotic sidekick Tweeterbell to search out and fight evildoers. Episodes were presented in the same manner as old movie serials, which ended with Brown Hornet facing some perilous cliffhanger he was forced to overcome at the beginning of the next episode (which normally took him about two seconds). Apart from being entertaining, the Brown Hornet's exploits served as a moral underpinning to whatever dilemma was confronting the Cosby kids during that week's episode.